Monday, March 02, 2009

My neighborhood, part I

Since my last day at work is tomorrow I thought it was time to post some images from where I have been living all this time. The main reason for the delay is mostly that the neighbourhood is not exactly scenic. But here goes...

The dolphin bridge

From My neighbourhood

This bridge crosses my local river supposedly one of, if not the most polluted river in Japan.


From My neighbourhood

Noisy car with loudspeakers, yelling sales slogans.This is just one of many cars/loudspeakers that patrol my neigbourhood. There's also at least one other advertisment truck as well as an octopus bus and a noodle car. Each playing their distinct shrieking tune or pitching sale slogans.

Local shrine

From My neighbourhood

Note the Alice in Wonderland wall.

Local bowling alley

From My neighbourhood

Haven't been there yet though.

The Great Garou
From My neighbourhood

From My neighbourhood

Not been here either, but planning to go tomorrow. Pachinko is certainly one of the more Japanese pastimes there is. The delay in exploring this particular aspect of the culture is due to the somewhat intimidating prospect of entering such a place. It is shrouded in smoke and the noise is overwhelming even by Japanese standards.

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